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Here you can find resources for the most powerful and effective written and spoken English for business and marketing. You will benefit from the highest quality editorial, writing, proofreading, and content.

All your written material will have both impact and elegance – in marketing & sales documents, proposals, presentations, articles, letters, and emails.

The benefits for you

  1. You will acquire high quality English editorial and copywriting for marketing and sales through our editorial services.
  2. You will have the most effective English for your target audience, whether spoken or written.
  3. You will also communicate clearly, confidently and effectively in documents, at networking, workshops and seminars.

The services

Editorial services and training include English, American and international business English – language, idioms, customs, manners, practices and etiquette. They are based on the experiences of a working life in the communications sector: in journalism; editing and publishing for business; copywriting; marketing; and PR.

The trainers

They are skilled in marketing communications; and experienced in national and business newspapers and magazines, editing, copywriting, and the media.

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"The English language is nobody's special property. It is the property of the imagination: it is the property of the language itself.”

Derek Walcott, Poet and Playwright. Winner of the 1992 Nobel Prize for Literature.



Nick Keith


When you are a professional looking to improve your English, you need someone who understands business. Nick has given me the confidence to speak English, write business documents and interact with people in a confident, professional manner. Nick is not just a tutor, is a great coach! I would recommend him unfailingly.


Séverine Mas, London-based IP lawyer, from France