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Content and copywriting

Best business English captures the imagination

Top quality website content, using the best possible English for business, has become crucial for communicating with prospects and customers. The English language works best for your business when the words – the copy and the content – capture the imagination of the reader. As Keats wrote: "Words are images of thoughts refined.”

Sometimes you can achieve the best and most suitable English for business by telling a story. At other times you need to go straight to the heart the reader. It’s a question of understanding the audience and knowing the right words and the best means of communicating your message.

In 21st century terms, words are all about ‘copy and content’. As a lifelong copywriter and editor, I can provide high quality services in creating business English editorial, copy and content.

My service is specifically for clients who want to improve the effectiveness of the English content on their websites, and in blogs and vlogs, e-mailers, brochures, advertisements, as well as for all other customer material (e.g. magazines and newsletters).

"All my best is dressing old words new...."

Please contact me for help and advice at Nick@bestbusinessEnglish.co.uk

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