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Communicate with confidence in English

What you say and the words you use at meetings and at business events, and in videos, can have a huge impact on the listener, on your message and on your brand.

Nothing beats meeting people face-to-face and one-to-one. Remember that people make judgments and form opinions with seconds of meeting you. ‘People buy people’ is an old familiar saying.

You can create a lasting impression by the words you use and the clarity of your speech. Your clothes, your manner and your body language will also have an impact.

As with writing, build your bank of words so that the best and most suitable English will ensure that people listen to you and to boost your brand. Use short powerful words from your thesaurus and dictionary.

The right tools to make the most of your spoken English include:

  • Strong, colourful and simple words
  • Interesting idioms
  • Active and positive sentences

Avoid jargon and cliché

Jargon can be specialist or technical words which are not widely used or understood. This kind of language obscures meaning, because it sounds like mumbo jumbo or gobbeldegook.

Clichés are popular words and phrases which become over-used and therefore can be irritating. Two current examples are ‘robust’ and ‘fit for purpose’. HearingcClichés or jargon word such as robust can prevent people from listening to the rest of the sentence.

Robust means, strong, powerful, well-made or well-constructed, practical, businesslike, no-nonsense, sensible. Fit for purpose means suitable or practical.

As well as meetings you may attend other business events, such as networking and conferences. Networking may be a relatively new business activity, but you need old-fashioned social skills to become a successful networker – and good use of English also helps.

So make sure you speak strong, colourful English with active (not passive) sentences. By improving your spoken English you put yourself in a good position for positive business relationships which contribute to your success.

"The best way to resolve any problem in the human world is for all sides to sit down and talk."
Dalai Lama.

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