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Bring clarity to your use of English for the most compelling marketing messages

How to empower all your written communications

This is the time when our lives and our worlds have changed with the advent of Covid-19.

Now you need to communicate more clearly, confidently and convincingly with your audience. Here you have found the right place for quality and experienced copywriting, web content, and editing.

You will benefit from this editorial service which is strongly based, with this experience:

* 20 years as a journalist, including 10 years at The Times (where I was sports editor for 3 years).
* 10 years as a director of separate book and magazine publishing companies.
* 5 years as communications director of a marketing agency. So, rest assured that your words will work harder for you – with my help on copywriting and content, editing and proofreading.

English remains the language of business, come what may, so it makes good sense for you to ensure that your written and spoken material has impact.

Buddy Holly sang of ‘Words of Love’ and your voice can show deep appreciation for the people you want to attract, in your articles, blogs, books, emails, newsletters, proposals, presentations, web content, and in your vlogs and videos.

Your 5 benefits from using my service

  1. You will acquire high quality editorial and copywriting skills for your marketing and sales copy.
  2. You will ensure the most effective English, whether spoken or written, to attract your target audience.
  3. You can get positive outcomes from your marketing messages.
  4. You will communicate with clarity, confidence and conviction in documents, videos - from presentations to books – as well as in meetings, networking, and conferences.
  5. You will gain the highest quality editorial services, in copywriting and editing, from an expert who has practised writing successfully for more than 40 years.

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Special offers

* a free review of your website home page
* Students can achieve a 90% saving for my help with essays, dissertations or personal statements.

Work with a wordsmith to empower all your written communications, so you can connect more closely with your clients, prospects, collaborators, and friends.

Nick Keith MA


Editorial services focus on simple but effective business English, making the text clear and strong to get your message across. Nick Keith has shone as a journalist, editor and copywriter all his working life.



Copywriting comes from Nick’s experiences of a working life in the communications sector: in journalism for national newspapers; in editing and publishing corporate and international magazines; in marketing and PR.


Proof Reading....

"I recommend others to see for themselves what good editing and syntax advice can do for your documents. Nick also checked and suggested logical corrections to continuity errors and mixed metaphors in my work - thank goodness.” Paquita Lamacraft, Archer Business Group, London.



"The English language is nobody's special property. It is the property of the imagination: it is the property of the language itself.” Derek Walcott, Poet and Playwright. Winner of the 1992 Nobel Prize for Literature.

To discover more, email: Nick@bestbusinessEnglish.co.uk

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