Communicate with confidence in English

Here at Best Business English, you will gain the confidence to communicate with clarity and conviction.

When you are young, you probably learn to speak your native language before you acquire the skills of reading, writing or listening. Young people learn their own language remarkably quickly. But people can be overwhelmed by inhibition when they start to learn and speak another language.

For the vast majority of you who want to learn English, your first need is to speak the language – and to overcome your natural reserve and inhibitions. The first requirement is to make yourself understood before you improve your writing and reading skills.

You will also learn the customs, manners, practices and etiquette of doing business in English-speaking countries.

Speaking a foreign language  is as much about confidence as about correctness. Several English friends who live and work in France pride themselves on their ability to speak fluently, if not always accurately.

So, when you learn  the best and most suitable language to use in English, our advice is to speak clearly and confidently, and make yourself heard. Don’t be trapped into silence by the idea that you must speak correctly … as long as you can make yourself understood.

By using Best Business English you can discover how to:

  • Greet visitors at the airport, or at the train station
  • Welcome people to your office
  • Participate in meetings and discussions
  • Negotiations
  • Take phone calls
  • Make arrangements
  • Prepare and deliver speeches
  • Feel at home in social business occasions – at meals, at restaurants, at events.

The next step in the learning English adventure is to understand, and you achieve that by listening ….

To find out more and discuss your needs, contact: Nick@bestbusinessEnglish.co.uk


When you are a professional looking to improve your English, you need someone who understands business. Nick has given me the confidence to speak English, write business documents and interact with people in a confident, professional manner. Nick is not just a tutor, is a great coach! I would recommend him unfailingly.


Séverine Mas, London-based IP lawyer, from France