Enjoy writing the best English for business

If you don’t take pleasure in writing English for business, how will your readers enjoy and understand what they are reading? Here at Best Business English you will get the confidence to put the fun and enjoyment into your writing.

To put enjoyment into your writing you are advised to keep your English simple. Why? Because simple English provides the easiest way to good communication and understanding.

Some written English has developed more and more complications as the language has become an increasingly important part of business life.

Yet, you need good, simple business writing skills for all your …

  • Reports
  • Proposals
  • Presentations
  • Letters (yes, we still need to write business letters)
    And, of course,
  • Emails


Sending, reading and responding to emails take up a good part of your writing time. So why not make your emails simple, short and to the point?

The email is both the joy and curse of modern business life. But you cannot avoid it.

A recent business client, who worked for one of the major French companies, had taken a holiday from his job to spend 2 weeks learning English with me. One morning he showed me that his email inbox between 9 and 11 am had gathered no fewer than 150 emails.

And he was on holiday! At work, he said, some 30% of his time was spent on emails.

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The only end of writing is to enable the readers better to enjoy life.


Samuel Johnson, the 18th century critic and lexicographer.